Over recent years, Chile - now known by many as the “ Chilecon Valley " , has transformed into a competitive tech and entrepreneurial hub. Particularly with the support of an ingenious government initiated start-up accelerator/incubator program, StartUp Chile , not only has this allowed the country’s startup scene an opportunity to introduce international entrepreneurs, expertise and experience, it has also created the ideal environment, an ecosystem, suitable for innovative ventures from all over the world.

Chile is a place, land and home rich in culture. With the likes of The Andes Mountains, Atacama Desert and The Easter Islands, these iconic wonders have put this beautiful nation on the world map. Similarly, FoundedInChile aims to do the same, but rather focusing on entrepreneurship and tech startup prospects. This is a great opportunity to showcase to the world what true potential Chile and Chileans are capable of collectively and individually, resulting in the improvement of social and tech welfare in the country.

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What do all these companies have in common?
1) They were founded in Chile in the 21st century
2) They are determined visionaries of innovation
3) They know how to prepare a Curanto and do the Ceuca!

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