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The volatile Chile of the past is subsiding, as clear inward and outward confidence in the country rises instep with its growing industrial developments. At this moment, Chile ambitiously lead various facets in the Latin and South American macro-forefronts within economics and technology. With liberal trade being supported and encouraged in the country, a respected OECD status, along with probably the most stable economy in Central and South America – the success of StartUp Chile came as no surprise. To put things into perspective, going into its first year of operation, it tallied an astounding 1000 startup ventures from over 75 different countries and now enters into its 12th generation. The Chilean economic development agency, CORFO, has recently introduced a SCALE program to add to the StartUp Chile initiative that provides additional co-funding of 60 Million Chilean Pesos (approximately US$100, 000) to a selected few startups that stand out at the end of the six month course. A very exciting opportunity! Chile is a country still facing numerous challenges and limitations, however, one of the effects of the influx of capital and commerce is that it attracts professionals and travellers from all over the world. This is the “fuel” that this (or any) potential innovative hub requires to propel itself forwards. Where there are people there are ideas, and where there are ideas there is the opportunity for growth and improvement. And this is where startups come into play. By embracing the realities and limitations from all spectrum’s of life in a contemporary “melting pot”, such as Chile, the combined application of local and international civilians, creatives and professionals into this unique context – seems like a sound solution. The vision at FoundedInChile seeks to harness a worldwide coverage of endless possibilities and direct it towards efficient welfare improvement and an effective expansion of the startup market. Why not let innovation be the new revolution? Inspired by Made in NYC, here is a list of innovative Chilean startups which have what it takes to be the “next big thing”.

What do all these companies have in common?
1) They were founded in Chile in the 21st century
2) They are determined visionaries of innovation
3) They know how to prepare a Curanto and do the Ceuca!

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